Nose (Rhinoplasty)


Rhinoplasty surgery is more popularly known as “nose job” or “nose reshaping”. It very accurately describes – rhinoplasty (nose cosmetic surgery) is a medical procedure for reconstructive or cosmetic nose reshaping. It is usually used as a name for nose cosmetic surgery.

Nose job is sculpting. It is an art in some way. It is meant to improve the appearance and proportions of nose to the whole face, though combined with other procedures it might increase the functionality of nose as well (it then would be proper to be called as nose plastic surgery). It might improve breathing functions through both nostrils if needed.

Nose plastic surgeons can increase or reduce the size of whole nose. They can accurately:

  • shape the tip
  • straighten crooked nose
  • modify size and form of nostrils
  • alter the line of bridge
  • narrow wide nose to the most harmony result possible

Even changing the angle between the tip and upper lip is not occasional. Nose reshaping can also correct defects from birth. Rhinoplasty is performed for both men and women. Competent plastic surgeons will not recommend or even allow girls less than 15 years and boys under 17 years old to undergo Rhinoplasty. This is due to maturity of the nose as it might alter the nose as it fully matures in the later years. It is recommended younger ones use nose makeup until plastic surgery is allowed.

There are two methods surgeons use. Open technique which is simpler, surgeon will make a visible incision near the base of the nose. Silicone is then placed on top of the bridge of the nose and reshaped cartilage is placed before closing. Cartilage can be harvested from either behind the ear or from the rib.

before and after